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    For over 40 years, as a leader in automotive upholstry , convertible tops, and much more, we understand the unique needs of our customers. This is why we take time to listen and understand your vision, and then work on actualizing it. Weather you need restoration services, damage repair or a new convertible top, we can handle it. If your need is a new headliner or carpet, you can trust Snellville Auto Trim & Upholstery to get the job done.

    Focused on Customer Service, Excellent Craftsmanship 

    Now, as a leader in automotive upholstery, convertible tops, and more, we understand the unique need of our clients. This is why we take time to listen and understand your vision, and then work on actualizing it. Whether you need restoration services, damages repair or a new convertible top, we can handle it. And, if you want headliners or carpet, you can trust Snellville Auto Trim & Upholstery to get it for you

    Please give us a call or pay us a visit so we can discuss your automotive upholstery needs. Without a doubt, we’ll make the car the best it can ever be!




    Automotive Upholstery

    Are you planning to resell your car and you need top dollars? Maintain the great look on your rental fleet? Or maybe you want to give your car that quality finish that will give it an exotic look?
    Well, nothing can get you these and more results than getting the best automotive upholstery services!
    Here at Snellville Auto Trim & automotive upholstry , we know that a small rip in your car affects its appearance and value. This is why we provide solutions to restore any lost value using high-quality upholstery services.
    Most services  can be done in one day.  We take great effort to get you the right materials, to assure to great satisfaction every one expects. 
    We offer key drop of for those early morning or late evening drop offs.

    Our Automotive Upholstery experts will handle the following repairs or replacement:

    Leather Seats

    For the best leather seats restorations, get in touch with Snellville Auto Trim and Upholstery. We offer quality seat repair services to help in getting rid of the scratches, tears or other damages.
    We also offer Leather seat conversions, for most newer Cars, Trucks and SUV s. This leather seating program is a fraction of the cost over  factory covers with many options to personalize your interior
    The team at Snellville Auto Trim & Upholstery
    is ready to help you get the job done right the first time

    Floor Carpets

    Replacing your vehicles floor carpet not only creates a fresh new look, but takes away those tough stains and fowl odors at the same time. Color change is also an option for that custom, and personal look,  separating your ride from all the others
    To us, fitting a new flooring in your car is not just another money-making venture… it is a passion. We love beautiful car interiors and will give our all to make your car beautiful. 

    Convertible Tops

    Here at Snellville Auto Trim we understand convertibles tops and what makes them so great to have.
    Weather a leak or replacement automotive upholstry, our experience team can help you get back to a full working and beautiful top.
     If you have a concern, please feel free to stop by and 
    let us look over you convertible. We will evaluate how best to correct the problem and get you back in tip top shape.


    With 35 years of experience in headliners, we have enough experience and expertise to handle all headliners repair and replacement. With exquisite attention to detail and professional design, we’ll give your car a new look.

    Medical Upholstery

    Besides providing the best automotive upholstry services, we also offer medical upholstery solutions. From the NHS, Surgeons, dentists, opticians, and private practitioners, we have correct vinyl upholstery for you.
    Our team will help you from design, materials and scheduling what works best for you.

    Call today for a consultation for your office and furniture .

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    Boats Upholstery

    Are you a boat  owner and you need someone to repair or replace your boat upholstery?
    Well, you can trust the experts at Snellville Auto Trim & Upholstery to give your boat interiors a new look. Weather replacement or repair, we will work to give you options that best fit your budget.
    To schedule your boat upholstery repairs or replacement, please give u, we have the tools and expertise to handle it.

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    Restaurant Upholstery

    Now, as a premier commercial upholstery business here in Snellville, we know that customers go to restaurants in search of great food and comfort. They want a place where they’ll enjoy a great meal in a beautiful, comfortable seating.
    When working on your restaurant upholstery, our experts will work not only to provide the best quality materials,  but find the schedule that best meets your restaurants needs
    We take our job seriously and will go far and beyond to actualize your vision.

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    At Snellville Autotrim and Upholstery, we understand how important it is to have beautiful, functional upholstery. This is why our experts focus on correcting the annoying and embarrassing upholstery damage.
    We have all the experience and tools necessary to get your car’s headliners, seats, convertible tops, and more look like new. Indeed, we’ll take care of your upholstery needs fast so you can get back to your schedule fast.

      Please give us a call now and talk to our owner and lead automotive upholstery expert. as always, we guarantee immediate attention to your inquiry.