Can I handle my automotive upholstery?

Only if you are a professional. When repairing or replacing your automotive upholstery, you’ll need to remove the seats and disassemble the seat mechanism. Then, you’ll repair or replace old upholstery with new ones.
Now, handling all this alone is a complex process that only a professional can handle. And at Snellville Autotrim and Upholstery, we’ll take pleasure to do the hard work for you.

My car seat only has a slight rip. Does this mean I’ll replace the whole cover?

No. our experts will remove the seat cover, repair the minimal damage, and then, return the seat cover. This process will be very fast and you’ll not have to break the bank to afford the service.

Why should I choose Snellville Autotrim and Upholstery?

• We have over 35 years of experience in automotive upholstery
• Amazing customer service from the moment you make your first inquiry
• Affordable and dependable services
• We only use high-quality products for all repairs and replacements
• Your satisfaction is our standard

I don’t have the funds to replace the entire car’s upholstery. Can I do it in bits?

Yes, you can. However, it is important to note that the shade of the materials keep changing with production. If this happens, your car may not have a uniform look when we complete the repairs.
If possible, you can save up and get the automotive upholstery repair service once you have the funds for the entire project.

My door panel’s armrest is falling apart. Can you help with this?

Of course! Our experts have handled thousands of similar repairs and will be glad to handle yours too. All you need is to schedule your appointment and we’ll be there.
To us, no job is too big or too small!